Astonishment for Hire

Close-Up Magic


Looking to really blow the minds of your guests?  Larry's Close-Up Magic is perfect for a cocktail hour or hospitality suite.  This is professional, sophisticated material... the miracles happen not just under their noses, but literally in their hands!  Definitely an immediate, personal experience that they will speak about for weeks to come.  The most common comment is "I was right on top of him, and I still couldn't figure it out!"

Stage Magic


His Stage act runs from fifteen minutes to one hour, and can be customized to include inside information about your company or group.  Some of your key people join him on stage and can even be featured in various magical illusions.

Birthday Parties / Children's Magic


Lots of fun, lots of laughter, lots of audience participation -- the birthday child even creates their own magical souvenir that they can keep to commemorate the occasion.  When the show is over, everyone will be saying that this was the best party they've ever attended!

Magic Lessons / Workshops


Want to learn a simple trick to impress your friends?  Looking for a unique way to focus attention on a new product?  Learning a few magic skills yourself may be just the ticket!

Larry is a gifted teacher; he excels at breaking down complex ideas and concepts, presenting them in an easily accessible fashion.  You'll be able to successfully perform an effect after the very first lesson!  Students range from school children to corporate executives and marketing professionals.  Magic lessons also make a very special gift. 

Master Classes


For magicians, actors, and performers who are looking for advanced lessons and techniques.  Larry directs the Magic Program at the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts and can be relied upon to teach:

                   Voice                                  Sleight of Hand                Motivation for Actions

                   Stage Movement                Misdirection                     Focus of Attention

                   Patter                                  Presentation                   Technique

There are a vast range of possibilities, and lessons are always customized to the student.


Call for details

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